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Monday, 26 April 2010

minibar, washington DC pt II

ok, so for no other reason than i like them, i have put in a few more shots from the amazing meal i had at minibar by Jose Andres in DC.first up is the chocolate and bacon, which was a rich bitter chocolate with tiny pieces of smoky pancetta studded through it.
This one is the blue cheese and almond, which was a warm blue cheese espuma in a frozen almond pastry shell,created using liquid nitrogen.
Beetroot tumbleweed.dehydrated rather than fried beetroot,which kept its raw rich flavour,rather than going greasy and diluting the taste.
Bagels and lox-crisp bread cone,filled with cream cheese and salmon (keta) caviar.
Baby carrots and coconut. amazing carrot shaped spherification of carrot juice, with a coconut puree baby basil leaves and a few onion seeds.

This is the guacamole,which i described in my earlier post 'minibar by jose andres,washington DC'

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